Our Fragrances

Australian Florals
A combination of native florals with eucalyptus & patchoulli.
Lemon Eucalyptus
A fresh scent of eucalyptus, lemon with a hint of mint.

Prosecco Berry
A combination of strawberries and raspberries with notes of musk and vanilla. 

Sunny Sunday
A zesty citrus mix of lemon peel, sugar cane and a little hint of ginger.

Italian Summer
A luscious mix of fresh figs with peach & vanilla.

Winter Garden
A warming blend of lemon peel, oranges, musk & rose. 

Flower Fields
A floral mix of cyclamen, rosewood, geraniums and amber. 

A zesty mix of lemon, rosemary & vanilla.

Lotus blossom with camellia and amber. 

A soothing woody scent of sandalwood, amber, rose & sage.

Apple & Honey
A fresh crisp scent of honey, pear, apple & nutmeg.